Hayempour, Kayla


  • An interview with Kayla Hayempour by Jill Jacobs. Conducted October 21, 2021. Kayla Hayempour states that although she had always been a feminist, she first became inspired to engage in activism after watching the 2019 Oscars where she saw the documentary Period End of Sentence win Best Short Documentary. She realized her passion for women’s rights, specifically regarding Menstrual Equity. Hayempour began a chapter of Girls Learn International within her own school before starting her own organization, Petticoats Rule, which provides access to period products for menstruators in Nigeria and Los Angeles. She was given the opportunity to be a delegate for the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women where she spoke of the stigma surrounding menstruation in the United States and abroad. Hayempour hopes to branch out into other areas of the feminist movement. ... [Read More]

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  • Hayempour, Kayla