RTOGov: Regional Transmission Organization Member Voting Data


  • Description: Regional Transmission Organization Governance (RTOGov) is a research initiative to evaluate how decisions are made in U.S. electricity markets and whether these governance processes impact real-world outcomes such as price, customer choice, air quality, and innovation. Each of the Northeastern RTO’s feature senior standing committees involved in the governance process. ISO New England, New York ISO, and the PJM Interconnection comprise the Management Committee, NEPOOL Participants Committee, and the Members Committee, respectively. For each RTO, amendments to their respective operating and market agreements often require approval by these committees in order to be filed to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as outlined in the Federal Power Act Section 205. ... [Read More]

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  • 10.7924/r40k2dx36
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  • ark:/87924/r40k2dx36
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  • 2010-2019
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  • Alfred P Sloan Foundation
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  • SBE-1261867 (NSF)
  • G-2019-12335 (Sloan)
  • RTOGov: Regional Transmission Organization Member Voting Data
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