Community characterization


  • Folder A_OTU_Hybscore_pval - Detected organizational taxonomic units (OTU number and taxonomic rank) and HybScore for each sample. 'Taxonomic rank'.abd.barchart.table.txt - Comparison of proportional abundance across samples at the specified taxonomic rank. The size of each block corresponds to the total HybScore in a specific (rank) relative to the total abundance level in the sample.
    'Taxonomic rank'.barchart.table.txt - Proportions of OTUs classified at the specified taxonomic rank. The size for each bar represents the number of detected OTUs in that rank relative to the total number of OTUs in that sample.
    'Taxonomic rank'.bt1.'archaea/bacteria'.richness.table.text - Archaea or bacteria taxon richness at the specified taxonomy level

Publication Date
  • ark:/87924/r4319v060
  • Community characterization