Escaja-Heiss, Alex


  • An interview with Alex Escaja-Heiss by Austin Chrisley. Conducted on November 11, 2021. Alex Escaja-Heiss is an award winning filmmaker and LGBTQ+ activist. He was also featured on GLAAD’s “20 Under 20 Rising Stars.” Alex was raised in Vermont, where he discovered his true identity. Growing up, Alex was exposed to activism at a very young age; his mother would take him to protests championing for women’s rights. This early exposure to activism was one of the major catalysts for Alex’s desire to pursue activism on his own. One of the first organizations he joined was Outreach Vermont, which champions for LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion in Vermont. In 2016, he was awarded the Vermont Outreach Student Activist of the Year Award, which recognizes a middle or high school student who has made a positive impact on queer related issues within their school. In 2021, Alex graduated from Vermont University with a degree in Film and Television Studies and also a degree in Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies. Currently, he is pursuing activism and filmmaking. See: ... [Read More]

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  • Escaja-Heiss, Alex