Data and scripts from: Microphase equilibrium and assembly dynamics


  • Despite many attempts, ordered equilibrium microphases have yet to be obtained in experimental colloidal suspensions. The recent computation of the equilibrium phase diagram of a microscopic, particle--based microphase former (Zhuang et al., Phys.~Rev.~Lett. (2016)) has nonetheless found such mesoscale assemblies to be thermodynamically stable. Here, we consider their equilibrium and assembly dynamics. At intermediate densities above the order-disorder transition, we identify four different dynamical regimes and the structural changes that underlie the dynamical crossovers from one disordered regime to the next. Below the order-disorder transition, we also find that periodic lamellae are the most dynamically accessible of the periodic microphases. Our analysis thus offers a comprehensive view of the disordered microphase dynamics and a route to the assembly of periodic microphases in a putative well-controlled, experimental system. The data files in this collection are associated with the paper "Microphase Equilibrium and Assembly Dynamics", Y. Zhang and P. Charbonneau, Journal of Chemical Physics, 2017. They include GLE, EPS, dat, and png files with associated raw data and generating scripts to allow for replication of the figures. ... [Read More]

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  • Zhuang, Y. and Charbonneau, P. (2017). Data and scripts from: Microphase equilibrium and assembly dynamics. Duke Digital Repository.
  • 10.7924/G8JH3J7B
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  • ark:/87924/r4sq8sm8x
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