[Acts of the Apostles]. (multispectral file stack)


  • Multispectral file stack for [Acts of the Apostles] contains 7 image stacks created during imaging and processing of Greek language manuscript fragment dating from between 600 and 800 A.D. (date estimated from comparison to dated papyri written in similar hands). Text is from Acts of the Apostle. Recto text: Acts 7:26-30; verso text: Acts 4:27-31. Further information about the multispectral imaging (MSI) and processing of this object, can be found in the README file below.

    For more information about MSI at Duke University Libraries, please see our program webpage: https://library.duke.edu/about/depts/dccs/msi.

    For complete information about this object, please see its catalog record:https://find.library.duke.edu/catalog/DUKE008310974

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8 files (18.7 GB)
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  • Duke University Libraries' Multispectral Imaging Team. (2019). [Acts of the Apostles]. (multispectral file stack). Duke Digital Repository. https://doi.org/10.7924/r4c53jx21
  • 10.7924/r4c53jx21
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  • ark:/87924/r4c53jx21
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