Kabra, Ilina


  • An interview with Ilina Kabra by Jessie Rievman. Conducted November 26, 2021. Ilina Kabra is an 18-year-old international youth activist and student at the Queen Mary University of London. She approaches activism from a global perspective, as she has lived in India, the United States, Switzerland, and London throughout her lifetime. In 2019, she was first introduced to activism when she established Switzerland’s first chapter of GirlUp, where she educated her classmates and began a trial of free menstrual products in the bathrooms in efforts to combat period poverty. She continues her feminist rhetoric, along with broader commentary on human rights, through writing. Writing and educating both herself and others are her two primary methods of activism. She has written articles such as “My Road to Advocacy” and “Human Rights: How Can We Combat Gender Inequality in a Rapidly Changing World?” to inspire and educate younger people. She has also participated in programs such as Girl Vasion, the GirlUp Leadership Summit, Civics Unplugged, and the Youth Forum Switzerland to strengthen her capabilities as a youth activist through education. ... [Read More]

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  • Kabra, Ilina